I’ve outgrown this place
Everything just seems dynamic 
I need to move elsewhere
Maybe Midwest or something, Chicago or whatever, 
I wish things were simple
Everything is expensive
And far

Things are not like they use to be
I wish things were like the past
(So many memories…)

Life’s so difficult
Extremely unfair
When you think you are fulfilled,
Things just move forward
And your hard work seems to disappear

It’s interesting to me how our mortal frame of history 
Enables us to endure  particular judgements about reality.

Wouldn’t it be different if we were immortal, and if so, how?

We would probably have a better understanding of the world.

Our reality is shrinking,
Our mind incapable of understanding anything

I need a break from life

Like seriously give me a break

Silence says a lot

Uttering a word may reveal less than silence

It’s sentences that speak little and silence may, say, alot.

Silence speaks volumes, it can help to close any ending in a fractured relationship.

Silence is unusual at first because you don’t know how to cope with it. But you learn to be silent when necessary.

Silence may seem inappropriate but it’s not, unless it is, then it’s inappropriate, but usually being silent can reveal how one feels.





Moving away from myself

Hoping, loving, wishing

Eternally seeing to improve my life

Working two jobs to invest in my dreams

Yes, I paint, I draw, I collage

To take the pain away

The torment of the past

It haunts me

It wasn’t easy witnessing my flesh

Be torn

My thoughts ignored

Being vanquished into thin air

My hopes for dreams dissipating

My love for you tearing into pieces

Of discarded paper

I still remain with nightmares

And with constant reminders of

Your intent focus on my body;

Of my soul