Process Archive

Working with maps and anatomical illustrations came to fascinate my instinct to explore gender fluidity, among other topics of being. Bellow the accumulated “traces” of materials or sketches for me came to reconsider metaphors of being with found images as a way to recontextualize the nature of reality and appearances. There are other icons such as the silhouette which I repeat to find a novel composition to communicate notions of belonging and dissasociation. The anticipation of having these items be documented and archived came to heighten its statues in my process of art making as a moment in time and a piece of memory.

A central focus of abstraction and representation came to be evident bellow and reside in the sketches. They became part of my research over being-in-the-world. These references pertain to Martin Heidegger and Edmund Husserl’s philosophical interest in Phenomenology. Having these items as a autonomous allusions came to resolve form issues that reveal a deep interest in the process of craft. The artist creates bibliographic poetry and intellectual cynic narratives that build a relationship with history. The pursuit is some what referenced by maps, using local routes in Illinois to present the everyday and metaphors of being to cultivate a profound interest on understanding aesthetics may come impose a filter upon works of art. How the process of an artist comes to be deconstructed to gain entry into not only collective memories but also literal manifestations of nature. I wanted to present the following sketches or works of art as in-process articles of material to inform my art process.

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