I use discarded objects, acrylic paint and photography from the domestic and public areas to generate meaning about the stages of life, and memory. Each assemblage presents metaphors to generate ideas about domesticity and community, and its role in shaping identity. Overall, themes of the individual and community is subject matter I aim for the viewer to reflect upon.

I try to designate meaning to things by bringing them within an art context, and I see art as a poetic form to forging meaning. The framework in which the assemblages are made with can be considered a structure of the home–along with picture frames and floor molding. The comfort of the home allows humans to see the past and look back at records of our life, whether it be scenes of our vacation, or perhaps ordinary instances of our life; it allows us to rekindle a especial moment. I incorporate black and white photography as sentimental language and as a way in which our ability to remember may function. Also, photographies capacity to be rapidly distributed anchors memories while simultaneously allowing for new ways of seeing. I also employ napkins to reveal reflections on ethics and morals, similar to deep contemplation over dilemmas. My aim is to bring importance to the home as a receptacle of meaning, while alluding to the outside as a reflection of the former.