A contrast between silhouette and the environment are explored in this body of work. The opposition of nature and human nature is a central theme I focus on to examine gestalt art principles and psychology . As the human figure is a key pattern in my composition, exploring the novelty of processes that allow me to examine the limits of painting I rediscover again and again the relationship between intuition and logic and how it can be combined and not undermined in various ways.

Research over the distinction between reality and appearances remains consistent within my art practice. Having photography along with painting as a resource to examine dualities lead me to limit my color palette to achromatic values, in visual art the basic function of values to form a comprehensible understanding of space became central to manifest existentialism. By projecting images on substrates I employed closure and repetition to study perception and how it informs and forms consciousness and subconsciousness. Along with the research conducted while in SIUE examine dualities such as authenticity and inauthenticity. The silhouette remains anonymous while the environment changes, the silhouette is a common thread between the paintings bellow. Examining the nature of experience as lived experience isn’t an old idea but rather comes from Martin Heidgger’s Being & Time