[May 1960]. “When I say that every visible is invisible, that perception is imperception, that consciousness has a “punctum caecum,” that to see is always to see more than one sees—this must not be understood in the sense of a contradiction—it must not be imagined that I add to the visible …a nonviable … One has to understand that it is visibility itself that involves a nonvisibility.

– Susan Sontag, Essays of the 1960s & 70s. New York, N. Y., The Library of America, 2013, 63.


I’m so happy to announce as my 1st guest in Sound Signals my dear friend Moksha Kumar. It’s incredible to me how much support she has for my drive to start a new endeavor, it’s truly an honor to have her as the first artist in these recorded conversations, and hopefully have her back on again. I recently finished recording my second podcast session with another amazing artist Vincent Stemmler, tune-in to the recording that will be coming out at the end of this week to find out about his most recent solo exhibition Sticks in the Mud. Thank you so much for listening!